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Ozone therapy has been around for over fifty years. It was used in the hospitals in North America during the 1st world war as an antiseptic agent but was phased out when pharmaceuticals dominated the healthcare. Ozone therapy continues to be used in European clinics and hospitals till today. There are professional medical ozone therapy societies in over ten countries such as the American Association of Ozonotherapy in America.

This therapy requires pure oxygen and high voltage to create trioxygen which is known as ozone. With this, the body is able to renew and regenerate itself. The reactive properties of ozone stimulate the body to remove many of these impediments thus allowing the body to heal itself.

Ozone therapy may be useful for:

Activating the immune system.
Preventing cardiovascular problems
Restoring youthfulness.
Stimulating regeneration of damaged joints and degenerative discs.
Pain management.
Disinfection of pathogens.


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Vitamin C will promote oxidation when it circulates in very high concentrations of highly oxygenated blood. According to renown Dr William Wassell, “vitamin C acts as a pro-oxidant inside the cell in high concentration, and some hydrogen peroxide is formed which is rapidly disposed of by catalase in a normal cell. If it is not a healthy cell, it will have a deficiency or lack entirely of catalase and the peroxides kill it.” Healthy cells are able to withstand high dosages because of the catalase, an enzyme that neutralizes oxidation immediately. Catalase is abundant in our blood and normal tissues but not in cells that are unhealthy. This deficiency will allow the oxidation to destroy them. There are several clinics in America that use this treatment. This therapy is non-invasive.


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Bioresonance uses German technology to adjust your body’s energy patterns and restore them to a harmonious frequency. Your body has a complicated system of energy that is measurable using wavelengths. When toxic substances from modern living, diet and habits are introduced to your body, your healthy frequency pattern will be disturbed. Bioresonance helps to restore the correct pattern effectively. In Germany alone, more than 5500 naturopaths and doctors are using bioresonance therapy. This therapy is known to be effective in helping clients to quit smoking, manage allergies and regulate the immune system. There is no harmful radiation from this therapy. Bioresonance is fantastic for quit smoking.